the alexander technique is best way to improve posture

The Alexander Technique is best known for improving posture.

But here’s what we commonly hear about about how to improve posture: “Stand up straight!” and “Sit up straight!” “Suck your stomach in, push your chest out, put your shoulders back, stick your chin back!”

Sucking, pushing, putting, and sticking, is hard work.


Why isn’t this the best way to improve your posture?

Because it’s just a posture,

so it can’t be maintained.


Improve Posture with the Alexander Technique

Notice your breathing, and let it be full, and slow.

Let go of the muscles in the back of your neck.

Let your head slowly tip forward a while the crown of your head, and your entire torso, moves up. 

Breathe fully. Smile.

Opposition-Up and down

The sit bones are ‘U’ shaped bones at the bottom of your torso.

Let your sit bones release down into the chair.

Your neck frees and your head and torso move up.

 You are improving your posture without effort, without trying, without straining.

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC