Alexander Technique and slumping

Alexander Technique For Slumpers.

Many Alexander Technique teachers are former slumpers. My name is Mark and I’m a slumper. Slumping was my habit before I became an Alexander Technique teacher, and it will be my habit forever. Although slumping is my habit, I don’t have to ‘do’ my habit; I don’t have to inhabit my habit. I could inhibit my habit. I could observe it. Through awareness, I know my tendencies, and can stop them before they start.

With the help of the Alexander Technique I now can stop… and put a gap in between a stimulus and my response. This changes my back posture, and my posture in general. Some common stimuli leading to slumping, spinal compression, and detrimental back posture are: computers, computers (they need to be listed twice), imitation, fatigue, being rushed, and being stressed. These stimuli don’t cause anything by themselves; it’s our automatic habitual reaction to them. Other common reactions are tightening of the neck, tightening of the neck (it needs to be listed twice), shallow breathing, general contracting, tightening of the jaw, and on and on.

Posture Awareness.

Through the Alexander Technique we become aware of how we habitually slump at the computer, dinner table, desk, and everywhere. Our necks are habitually poking forward, and poke forward even more when we are late, or stressed. This ‘neck forward’ position compresses the spine resulting in compressed back posture. The Alexander Technique helps us become aware of this habit while we are standing, cooking, brushing our teeth, playing an instrument, working out, etc. Some muscles slacken while others have to work harder than necessary, and this is even carried into bed as you try and sleep.

Alexander Technique for Posture.

With the help of Alexander Technique lessons, we can learn to take a moment, and move differently as we sit in a chair, use the computer, or watch TV. Alexander Technique lessons helps us do these things in a less harmful way, leading to a more beneficial back posture. After studying the Alexander Technique, new back posture habits will be developed. These habits will even change the way we think about back posture, so that it isn’t even a static ‘posture’ at all. You will be able to use your back with intention. Once we have formed new habits we may ‘catch ourselves’ doing the Alexander Technique.

Just as a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t had a single drink in 25 years may say they’re still alcoholic; I’m Mark and I’m a slumper.

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

Image Courtesy of“Work And 3d Character Shows Labor And Drudgery” by Stuart Miles