Alexander Technique Exercises

Alexander Technique Exercises

Don’t just do something, sit there.


Alexander Technique exercises are almost anti-exercises, because Alexander Technique exercises reduce tension, rather than increase it. Reducing extra muscular effort is the exercise.

For instance, notice any tension in your neck.

Let it go.

Release the excess neck tension again, and your head will rotate forward, and come up.

While your head is leading your spine up, think of your sit bones going down into the chair.

Breathe fully; front back and sides.

Notice any tension in your jaw and shoulders.

Release it. Just let it go, while you’re going up.

Alexander Technique exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. Alexander Technique exercises include simple, everyday movements performed with knowledge and intention.

Standing Up


Let go of any tension in your neck, or free your neck and let your head rotate forward and go up.

Slowly hinge forward and backward in your chair using your hip joints (not your waist.)

With your feet placed close to the chair, pivot forward at your hip joints, and let the weight of your torso shift over onto your feet as you send your feet into the floor.

Free your neck. Come up until you reach your full height.

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

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