homeworkAfter their first Alexander Technique lesson people ask: “Is there anything I could do at home?”

There is everything you could do at home!

Moreover, there is no thing, no action, no situation at home or anywhere else where you can’t exercise the Alexander Technique. You use the Alexander Technique at home, at work, and anywhere.

The Alexander Technique homework is not homework in the traditional sense; where you block out an hour or two to do work.  You don’t have to do the Alexander Technique one or two hours per day. You just do it every waking hour of every day, and every night as you sleep. Weekends too. Also vacations.

The Alexander Technique is all homework because you use the Alexander Technique as you go about your life. The Alexander Technique helps you anywhere, because it’s portable.

For those who want to spend time doing homework to make quicker progress, there are some specific Alexander Technique exercises you can do at home. And in the office. And the kitchen.

Here is an Alexander Technique exercise to help you reduce your stress.

Here is some more Alexander Technique homework:

Use the Alexander Technique as you work from home, leave home for work, arrive home from work, work on your home, do homework, work out, or work your workload with your workmates at your workplace.

Use the Alexander Technique whether you’re a bodyworker, a workaholic, a homebody, watching Homeland, homesick, home sick, home schooled, homeless, home tutored, a homeowner, or a homeward heading homeopath.

Use the Alexander Technique and you’ll be home free!

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC