Alexander Technique Embraceable You


While thinking about a future event that may or may not happen, I noticed I was physically bracing. My habit, (along with my unhealthy obsession with porcelain poodles), involves some tightening in my jaw, my neck, and a slight raising of my left shoulder. How about you?

And while I’m asking, how does anxiety, boredom, or fear, show in your body? Do you ever find yourself gripping, tensing, or slumping? Me neither.

This future event is one of those occurrences I want to happen. So by thoughtlessly, unconsciously bracing, I’m preparing myself for bad news. (Self protection? Self sabotage?)

If anything close to the “law of attraction”, “like attracts like”, “energy goes where attention flows”, or “what you resist persists” exists, I’m not helping.

Constructive Conscious Care

I’m releasing tension in my neck to let my head move up, and my shoulders let go. I release tension in my jaw, and breathe fully– with a slight smile.

Now if any negative thoughts and their related physical expressions start to arise I’ll inhibit and replace them.

I’ll envision the outcome I want and stop bracing against the one I don’t.

The Alexander Technique–an essential tool threading mind, body, and spirit.

Mark Josefsberg–Alexander Technique NYC

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