Alexander Technique Computer Posture

Computer Posture Injuries.


It is now common for people to injure themselves with bad computer posture. Poor computer posture routinely causes back pain, and neck tension.

My neck pain was primarily caused by poking my neck forward towards the screen, for hours. And then poking my neck forward towards a musical instrument, for hours. My head was rotated back, and down.



Alexander Technique Computer Posture Exercise


Notice any tension in your neck.

As you release your neck muscles, your head will rotate forward, and move up.

Free your neck, and let your nose lower (a forward rotation), as the crown of your head moves up, lengthening your entire spine.

Let your sit bones move down.

Let your shoulders rest on your ribcage.

Exhale fully, then let the air come in.

Reach towards your computer screen just by moving your fingertips.

Every time you have even a few moments go through these simple steps, and you will be improving your computer posture.

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC