Alexander Technique Awareness

The Alexander Technique has three main pillars: Awareness, Inhibition, and Direction (AID) Inhibition. Leave a gap-don't react. Listen for the space between the notes. Direction. Alexander Technique directions are unique instructions guiding you towards what you need to do or undo. These verbal cues are known to Alexander teachers and students, and they are potentially [...]

Alexander Technique In The Kitchen

At our recent Alexander Technique lesson, one of my Alexander Technique students told me she noticed how much extra effort she was using while chopping vegetables. Under normal circumstances we are not angry at vegetables. Next time you’re cutting something, take a moment and pause. Notice the grip you are using while holding the knife. If you are gripping more than necessary...

Happier Holidays

Can the Alexander Technique and Alexander Technique lessons help us with the stress of the holidays, 2011 style? Absolutely, especially when we remember that the stress isn't the problem. The real problem is how we handle the stress, and the manifestations of the stress. Stress has symptoms. Our body tells us we're stressed because our breathing gets shallow, our hearts race and our muscles contract. We tighten our necks, bringing our head back and down which could be a result of our habitual startle response...

Alexander Technique Slumping, Shlumping

On my subway ride to teach some Alexander Technique lessons at the American Center for the Alexander Technique in Mahattan, I noticed a man who could not have been more stooped over. As an Alexander Technique teacher I was particularly aware of how he was seated, reading the paper, his head not very far from his knees. His face was quite tense, and had a scowl I suspected was habitual. He seemed to 'have the weight of the world on his shoulders...

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