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Alexander Lessons—Do Less less, Les

Alexander teachers say "Do Less". Alexander Technique teachers have said to me: "See if you can do less here", while touching my lower back. To a degree I interpreted that to mean "don't do anything". After all, the Alexander Technique is a non-doing technique, right? But if I really don't do anything I'll stay right [...]

How To Reduce Neck Pain

I have a stiff neck. We say we have a stiff or sore neck, as if someone gave it to us and now it’s ours. In Alexander Technique terms it might be more accurate to say “I’m stiffening my neck.” Of course if you say it that way you sound insane...

The Alexander Technique Helps Posture, Reduces Neck Tension

The stresses and strains of modern living, combined with the ubiquity of the computer, cell phone, blackberry etc., seem to draw us in, collapsing us forward and down and giving us one version of bad posture. (Another version of bad posture would be sitting up rigidly straight. That doesn't work because it won't be maintained, and it's not helpful to add extra tension. Sitting or standing up straight usually means military posture.) So as not to smash our faces into the screen, desk, or floor...

Alexander Technique Gold

Alexander Technique—the Gold Standard.   The Alexander Technique is the gold standard treatment for back pain, or neck pain, and the most effective way to improve posture; by far. If someone is experiencing neck tension or back pain, and it is lasting longer than it should, seeking out an Alexander Technique teacher is the very [...]

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