Alexander for a Yogi

by Alex Curtis   Just as my life was getting better, my body got worse. I was new to New York this September, and as I arrived I did the requisite looking-for-a-day-job and finally had pulled together enough odd-jobs to make my rent. I was a yoga instructor by day, a cater waiter at night, [...]

How Can I Improve My Meditation Posture?

...Good posture while you meditate, or your meditation posture, can be a challenge for those new to meditation, as well as those more experienced with meditation. Improving one's Meditation posture is important for people who meditate for ten minutes, and those who meditate for hours. The Alexander Technique can help with meditation posture, as it helps with posture in general. In researching various instructions for proper meditation posture, a suggestion that keeps arising is ‘keep your spine straight.

Meditation Posture—Alexander Technique

When speaking of awareness, in Alexander Technique terms, we commonly speak about the body side of the mind/body continuum. Your body is most available for observation and change. And, the body tells the truth. Meditators often begin their session by becoming aware of their breathing, body tension, and meditation posture. The Alexander Technique helps all three. [...]

The Alexander Technique And Meditation

The Alexander Technique and meditation can be beautifully interwoven. The Alexander Technique and meditation are made for each other. Since the Alexander Technique is known as a 'pre-technique', using it before meditating, or just as you initiate meditation, can enhance your meditation practice. The Alexander Technique helps shorten the time it takes to...

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