Alexander Technique Posture Help Directions

Alexander Technique Directions I wish to free my neck ... so that My head can move forward and up...so that My torso can lengthen and widen and... My legs can move away from my torso and... My shoulders can release out the sides. Alexander Technique directions act as verbal, or neuro-linguistc cues. They tell us where we want to go, which is often upward, outward, into expansion. Up, down, and out. Head up, feet or sit bones down, shoulders out, legs away...

Learning the Alexander Technique Oppositions

A useful component in learning the Alexander Technique is the idea of oppositions. A few Alexander Technique oppositions include: head and torso opposing each other, arms and torso, legs and torso, sit bones down; torso and head up, shoulders opposing each other and more... We probably aren't going to learn the Alexander Technique purely through observation but being aware combined with lessons...

Alexander Technique New York Times

I would recommend any patient try the technique before more invasive interventions; that is, patients with chronic or recurrent functional back pain...Dr. Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research.

Benefits and Uses of the Alexander Technique

Here is a post containing a few uses and benefits of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique has approximately 64,326 uses, and 74,968 benefits, running the gamut from a to z. Here are a few random words and ideas in no particular order, with an Alexander Technique connection. abs- There's a very popular idea that it is important to have a firm, strong, 'core'. Pilates and other exercises help, and so can the Alexander Technique. When you apply the principles, you will be more effortlessly upright. The deep postural muscles...

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