Alexander Technique—Getting back to back back and back back and up.

Alexander Technique teachers routinely talk about directing your back to be back and up. Some Alexander teachers prefer the direction: torso back and up. Either way, letting your back to go back and up includes your neck, as well as your upper, middle and lower back. If your lower back is going back and up, [...]

Alexander Technique Relaxation

Relax, but don't make a habit out of it. Make a habit out of relaxing with direction--- and often the direction is up, though... Sometimes parts of you will be going down, or out, left, right, or a w a y; Towards the window, the wall, the floor, the ceiling, or the sky. Sometimes combined. [...]

Alexander Technique Helps Loosen Your Grip

Alexander Technique and Gripping Let go with the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique helps us become aware of muscular tension, that sometimes takes the form of gripping. We grip with our fingers. We grip with our jaw. We grip with our toes. We grip our torsos with our elbows, and grip our legs [...]

The Alexander Technique In Your Life

Alexander Technique and the Golden Thread.   The Alexander Technique has been described as a golden thread that runs through your life. After a bit, the Alexander Technique becomes a part of you. My student and I were discussing ways in which she could more fully integrate the Alexander Technique into her life. We Alexander [...]

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