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7 Computer Posture Tips

Tip #1.  Don't slump, and don't sit up straight.   Sitting up straight doesn't work. You know cause you've tried it. Forget all that "stomach in, chest out" "tuck your chin in" junk. It might work—for a second. It adds unnecessary tension, and it’s unsustainable.   •   Let your head and body move up, while [...]

Alexander Technique Computer Posture

Alexander Technique teachers instruct, demonstrate, and coach people how to use the computer without injury. If people are in pain we teach them how to stop injuring themselves, and the steps to take to allow the body to heal. Let's try something right now. See if you can notice any tension in your neck. It's there, though you may not be able to sense it right away. You can learn to let these muscles go. If you release your neck muscles, your head will rotate forward, and move up. You could think this way: I want my neck to be free so that my head will move forward and up. This 'forward' business doesn't mean forward as in your face moving towards the screen...

The Alexander Technique For Dummies

The Alexander Technique For Dummies is a slight put-down. 'Calculus For Dummies', 'Biology For Dummies', 'Basket Weaving For Dummies' , ''The Alexander Technique For Dummies' are all slight put-downs. I realize these titles actually mean for beginners, but 'For Dummies' is a derogatory term. The only 'For Dummies' book I can think of that would not a put down and would, in fact, be uplifting and inspirational would be 'Ventriloquism For Dummies'...

Alexander Technique For Posture

Many Alexander Technique teachers are slumpers, or former slumpers. My name is Mark and I'm a slumper. Slumping was my habit before I became an Alexander Technique teacher, and it will be my habit forever. Although slumping is my habit, I don't have to 'do' my habit; I don't have to inhabit my habit. I could observe it. Through awareness...

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