Alexander Technique And The Dentist

I had an unusual teaching day last week as three of my Alexander Technique students told me they were going to the dentist. I don’t mean they were all going to the dentist together, but separately, and coincidentally. Since two of the three are dealing with neck pain, and the third with shoulder pain, we discussed how the Alexander Technique could help them during their visit. We first spoke about the stress...

Alexander Technique Breathing

I am an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City, and Manhattan is about as far away as you can get from the stillness, calmness, and tranquility of the woods. Once in the woods I immediately notice the sounds- that peaceful, open sound of the wind moving the branches and leaves of the trees, or the sound of rushing water. I notice those sounds, and I notice the sound of my changed breathing. I hear an open 'ah' type sound, either said or whispered on an easy exhalation. I've noticed this sound with other people as well, in response to any calming, peaceful, beautiful, or awe-inspiring stimulus. This open 'ah' sound

Happier Holidays

Can the Alexander Technique and Alexander Technique lessons help us with the stress of the holidays, 2011 style? Absolutely, especially when we remember that the stress isn't the problem. The real problem is how we handle the stress, and the manifestations of the stress. Stress has symptoms. Our body tells us we're stressed because our breathing gets shallow, our hearts race and our muscles contract. We tighten our necks, bringing our head back and down which could be a result of our habitual startle response...

Whispered Oy, Whispered Ah

For those of you living way outside New York City, oy has many definitions. Oy might be very loosely translated as woe is me, but it could mean almost anything including: Hey! Eee! Iii! Oh! Ew! and sometimes...Why?     Your favorite team traded away the best player.  Oy. It's supposed to rain all weekend.  [...]

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