Alexander Technique ergonomics When a company hires ergonomic specialists, at great expense, they will come into your workplace and make some observations. They will determine whether the furniture is ergonomically sound, and set up properly.
For example, they may say that the chairs’ backs are at too great an angle, which they say will cause back pain. They may find that the computer screen is too high, too low, too far left or right. I believe all these sorts of recommendations may be extremely valuable for our workplace and for our homes.
However, there is at least one element missing; You. And one more element: The Alexander Technique.

The most ergonomically sound, most expensive chair (or couch) in the world will not prevent you from slumping. Perhaps it will prevent you misusing yourself for a little while, but once you get used to it you will go back into your habitual way of sitting.

The Alexander Technique deals with these issues from the other side, the human side.
If you know how you want to use your neck, back, shoulders, hands etc., you could use yourself well, no matter what kind of furniture.
The Alexander Technique helps with adapting to our surroundings, whatever they are. The Alexander Technique is a skill you integrate into your life anywhere, anytime. Of course you don’t want to make things more challenging for no reason, but the chair or couch can’t change; you can.

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