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People have emailed…

“I ‘stumbled’ across the Alexander Technique method a couple of years ago. I was happy to find an instructor not too far from where I live.  The Alexander Technique has helped my posture greatly, and I feel more relaxed and poised…it’s a good feeling. The Alexander Technique has helped me in more ways than I could tell you.

Thank you again for your free e-news.

Best Wishes,


Hi Mark,

“I came across your site and the Alexander Technique via another web site. It may have been at Health Matters. I have enjoyed your helpful suggestions and now walk with my knees first. What a great way to help keep the body more erect and my movements seem more fluid and graceful. I am also mindful of sitting on my sit bones. Much better! Thanks I look forward to more of your helpful suggestions.”


Sandra, California

“When I came across your site I was pleasantly surprised to read about your free e- articles about Alexander Technique. Thank you for caring enough to do something like this for others. Your e-mails are such great reminders, and you have a gift of explaining things so they are easily understood.”

Cathy N.

“I had Alexander Technique lessons in my early twenties for no particular reason beyond interest about what it involved. There was, however, an unforeseen pay off. When I was 16 I had a Medullo Blastoma – a brain tumour pretty much in the middle of my cerebellum. Mercifully I got though that with very few ill effects beyond a sore neck and some ‘periphery’ balance issues. Fast forward 7 years to a series of Alexander Technique lessons I took just because I was interested in what the technique involved rather than for any other reason. Following the lessons, I actually didn’t feel any particularly discernable benefits but several people, not knowing I had had Alexander lessons, commented on both my improved balance and posture. Needless to say, I quickly recommended to the consultants involved in my care that they should suggest patients with similar conditions to mine should consider a series of Alexander Technique lessons!

I am now 41 but I can still remember and think about what I was taught. Whether the lessons have contributed to my continuing health is, unfortunately, something that can never be proved. However, I came across your website a few weeks ago and in particular, your weekly newsletter. What a difference! Almost instantly, using the words and instructions you suggest, I have noticed an amazing lightness in the way I was walking, much less neck pain (that I was coming to feel was ‘just part of me’) and a slight change in my attitude (that I can’t really put into words). How interesting it has been to have a kind of ‘top up’! I really like and value the clear way you explain each ‘order’. In just a few short weeks I can honestly say that your Alexander Technique tips (your newsletter) have made a positive difference.”

Yours Sincerely,

S.T., London

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

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