When I teach the Alexander Technique for Lifelabs NY, evaluation forms are given. Here are a few comments about the class:

“Very engaging instruction.”

“Very simple, explicit helpful instruction.”

“Practical exercises and helpful tips. Friendly atmosphere.”

“Loved the teachers’ attitude- so accepting and present and calm. He got through a lot of material but was flexible enough to also answer lots of questions. Was really interesting and helpful.”

“Relaxed and personable.”

“I felt a big change even from just this one class.”

“You outdid yourself tonight. Great class.”

“Eye opening. Everything taught was amazing and new.”

“Absolutely enjoyed! Learned a lot in such a short period of time that can lead to improvement over a lifetime.”

“Enjoyable, informative. Five stars.”

“Great Alexander Technique and posture teacher!”

“Excellent! I would sign up for a follow-up course if offered.”

“Great teaching skills; One step at a time.”

“A great class! Will definitely recommend.”

“Extremely practical.”

“Great introduction to the Alexander Technique. I plan on continuing with Mark’s small Alexander group class on Saturday.”

“Hi Mark,

Thank you for the teachings yesterday. They appear to have sinked in! The awarenesses we were developing put a different spin on how I pay attention to my body. I would normally check my breathing and where I tend to hold, but focusing on my bones and joints allows my breathing to happen very naturally. Today I had my third driving lesson, and it was enjoyable and more skillful. The tip about being at the computer helped, and I moved the steering wheel from my finger tips, and my leg was also more relaxed on the brake/accelerator. The instructor could tell right away that my body was less wound up. Looking forward to next Alexander Technique class!”

Naz Fontanilla

Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC


(917) 709-4648