Tension & Stress

/Tension & Stress

The Alexander Technique relieves tension and stress. There is no clear distinction between mind and body, so relieving tension in one area helps the other.

Alexander Technique, Stress, Posture, and Change.

Human beings have the (unfortunate) ability to experience stress, with all its physical manifestations, even before a stressful event has taken place. And, just by thinking, we can re-experience the stress response months or years after a past event. And it's oddly comfortable, like a good slump. It's familiar. It's who we are. It's a habit. Bi-directional [...]

20 Tension Relieving Tips

1. Become aware, and then let go of the muscles in the back of your neck. 2. Think of your head moving up. (The crown of your head) 3. Slightly, slowly lower your nose. 4. Continue 1,2,3, and let your sit bones release down in your chair, but your torso moves up. 5. If you're standing, let your feet release down while the rest of you moves up. 6. Let your jaw dangle open, even when you're lips are closed. (Give it a try)...

Using the Alexander Technique for Loss

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual. When learning the Alexander Technique we commonly hear about control. F. M. Alexander, the developer of the Alexander Technique, wrote about Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual. He stressed the importance of primary control (the head, neck, back relationship.) He spoke of conscious guidance and control. Yet at one [...]

Alexander Technique And The Dentist

I had an unusual teaching day last week as three of my Alexander Technique students told me they were going to the dentist. I don’t mean they were all going to the dentist together, but separately, and coincidentally. Since two of the three are dealing with neck pain, and the third with shoulder pain, we discussed how the Alexander Technique could help them during their visit. We first spoke about the stress...

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