Back Pain Relief

/Back Pain Relief

How the Alexander Technique helps relieve back pain and neck pain by getting to the source of the problem.

Alexander Lessons—Do Less less, Les

Alexander teachers say "Do Less". Alexander Technique teachers have said to me: "See if you can do less here", while touching my lower back. To a degree I interpreted that to mean "don't do anything". After all, the Alexander Technique is a non-doing technique, right? But if I really don't do anything I'll stay right [...]

5 Tips for Better Posture and Back Pain Relief

Alexander Technique Posture Tips 1. Let go of the muscles in the back of your neck. Your head will slightly rotate forward, and the crown of your head goes up. Feel your sit bones go down into the chair, while the rest of you moves up. Better posture ensues. 2. Better Posture-Out [...]

How To Reduce Neck Pain

I have a stiff neck. We say we have a stiff or sore neck, as if someone gave it to us and now it’s ours. In Alexander Technique terms it might be more accurate to say “I’m stiffening my neck.” Of course if you say it that way you sound insane...

Back Pain Relief

Sitting can be a painful position for someone with low back pain because of the added spinal pressure, and compression. We tend to slump; putting ourselves in a ‘C curve’. Sometimes, in order not to slump, we sit up rigidly straight with what we think of as ‘good posture.’...

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