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Every post in this site is related to the Alexander Technique. These posts don’t fit into any other specific category.

Alexander Technique Decisions

You've got no choice with the Alexander Technique Once you know some Alexander Technique, you're not going to want to make major decisions without it. And once you know enough of it you can't. For better or for worse, we decide by imagining what things will be like, or feel like, in the future–two minutes or [...]

Use the Alexander Technique as you Wish

Use the Alexander Technique any way you want; there are no right or wrong ways, no one application or reason to learn is better than any other. Apply it to anything, or everything. You can turn it on at any moment, then turn it up as you wish. You can't turn it off, because that [...]

Alexander Technique Re-Connection

Control yourself. The Alexander Technique helps us re-establish a lost connection with our own body; giving us both freedom and control. We learn to get "in touch", with ourselves; a vital tool. Take my neck, please. Paradoxically, I control my neck by freeing it; letting it go. I learned how to do it, and now [...]

Alexander Technique—Pace Yourself

Sometimes, when I’m trying to figure something out, (or thinking about an Alexander Technique blog- like now) I'll notice that I’m pacing around my apartment. My apartment is so small the mice walk around round-shouldered. It's so small that when you put the key in the door you break the mirror. So small that you [...]

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