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Mark has maintained a full-time Alexander Technique teaching practice in New York City since his national certification in 2003. He teaches private lessons as well as ongoing small group classes, and is on faculty at The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT).

Alexander Technique, Stress, Posture, and Change.

Human beings have the (unfortunate) ability to experience stress, with all its physical manifestations, even before a stressful event has taken place. And, just by thinking, we can re-experience the stress response months or years after a past event. And it's oddly comfortable, like a good slump. It's familiar. It's who we are. It's a habit. Bi-directional [...]

5 Alexander Technique Exercises

When you see the word exercise, do you imagine exercises like lifting weights, jogging, or calisthenics? Those exercises increase strength and endurance, and you can use the Alexander Technique as you do them, but Alexander Technique exercises have different goals. Alexander Technique exercises reduce stress and tension, rather than increase it. "No pain---Only gain." Alexander [...]

7 Computer Posture Tips

Tip #1.  Don't slump, and don't sit up straight.   Sitting up straight doesn't work. You know cause you've tried it. Forget all that "stomach in, chest out" "tuck your chin in" junk. It might work—for a second. It adds unnecessary tension, and it’s unsustainable.   •   Let your head and body move up, while [...]

5 Tips for Better Posture and Back Pain Relief

Alexander Technique Posture Tips 1. Let go of the muscles in the back of your neck. Your head will slightly rotate forward, and the crown of your head goes up. Feel your sit bones go down into the chair, while the rest of you moves up. Better posture ensues. 2. Better Posture-Out of [...]

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