Alexander Technique Video

A video illustrating the many benefits of the Alexander Technique.

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I posted this short Alexander Technique video in 2007. It touches on posture, back pain, neck tension, and the Alexander Technique in general. Viewed over 97,000 times on Youtube.

Alexander Technique Video Text

“Right now, I’m practicing the Alexander Technique. (walking)

And now… (Throwing a ball)

And now… (sitting at the computer)

The Alexander Technique is a simple, effective method, which will teach you to rid yourself of tension and pain, so that any activity becomes easier, and more fun.

You can use it while sitting and standing, and working at the computer. It is also used where more specialized movements are involved, like working out, yoga, and dance. The Alexander Technique allows for freedom and ease while playing a musical instrument, and even while combing…your…hair. (combing invisible hair)

The Alexander Technique is probably best known for improving posture, reducing pain, and preventing injury. And for providing an overall sense of well-being.

My name is Mark Josefsberg, and I’m a Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. This technique has personally helped me with oppressive pain in my neck and hands. My pain was so severe, it prevented me from performing as a professional musician. I was considering surgery to my spine, when someone recommended the Alexander Technique. Now, I can play again.

The Alexander Technique taught me that by changing my postural habits I could stop my spinal compression, and alleviate my pain. This technique has enabled me to live pain-free for many years, and I’m grateful to be able to teach it now to others.

The Alexander Technique addresses both the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems and is used to alleviate back, neck and joint pain. It improves poor posture, and breathing problems, and is effective for sciatica, TMJ, RSI and more. As you practice the Alexander Technique you will not only feel better, you will appear more poised and confident as well.

People notice a difference even after a short series of lessons.

I hope you will consider how the Alexander Technique can improve your life by easing pain, enhancing a skill, increasing your overall sense of well-being. The wider implications of this technique continue to astound me.

You’re welcome to contact me for more information and to see how the Alexander Technique can help you in your life.”

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