Alexander Technique and postureHuman beings have the (unfortunate) ability to experience stress, with all its physical manifestations, even before a stressful event has taken place. And, just by thinking, we can re-experience the stress response months or years after a past event. And it’s oddly comfortable, like a good slump. It’s familiar. It’s who we are. It’s a habit.

Bi-directional neural connections strengthen and deepen. Even hormones get in on the act, reinforcing the habit.

Changes like stress reduction or posture improvement may require us to change the person we have become.
How you carry yourself affects the way you think about yourself, and how you think about yourself affects the way you carry yourself. People who had slouched for years usually don’t just physically slouch.  Mental states feed physical states and vice versa.

The Alexander Technique offers a unique way to break the loop, turning the vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle. It’s a smooth, flowing cycle: From Awareness, to Stopping or Interrupting, to Consciously Directing. Your Alexander Technique teacher shows you how.

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Image courtesy of “Change Is Possible Sign Displays Reforming And Improving” by Stuart Miles