Alexander Technique Connection

Control yourself.

The Alexander Technique helps us re-establish a lost connection with our own body; giving us both freedom and control. We learn to get “in touch”, with ourselves; a vital tool.

Take my neck, please.

Paradoxically, I control my neck by freeing it; letting it go. I learned how to do it, and now I teach it and practice it. Connecting and controlling our physicality is empowering.

Present Tense.

As you might imagine, the skill of releasing the neck has profound effects on neck tension, jaw tension, tension headaches, and shoulder tension. It also affects our breathing, our lower back, our shoulders, our attitude and state of mind.

Alexander Technique

We release muscle groups we thought weren’t under our control. We can choose to engage some muscles, and release others. Perhaps we need to release our neck muscles, yet need to fire up our abs and glutes.

As we re-establish our mind-body connection, we enhance our body-mind connection. As you release your neck muscles, notice how it affects your mood, your breathing, and your viewpoint. Our physical side affects our mental side, and vice versa.

Form follows function.

What we put our attention on expands. As we practice awareness of how our physical side affects our mental side, the neural connections expand and become stronger. Form follows function.

The body is readily available for change. 

Conscious thinking moves us towards re-establishing the lost connection.

Practicing the Alexander Technique is effective instantly; anywhere, anytime. Vicious cycles becomes virtuous cycles and we change; mind, body, and spirit.

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Image courtesy of “Neuron In Colour Background” by renjith krishnan