Alexander Technique Individual Lessons

Specialized one-to-one lessons.

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Individual Alexander Technique Lessons

Do you slump, and then try to sit up straight?

Do you have neck or back pain you think may be posture related?

Do you want to feel more up, and less stressed? Calmer, yet more alert?

Are you curious?

See how you feel after one Alexander lesson.

Locations in NYC


One-to-One Lessons

  • 45 Minutes

5 Lessons

  • Package

10 Lessons

  • Package

Small Group Classes

  • 90 Minutes
Sliding scale and installments available for private lessons.
24 hour cancellation notice for private lessons please.

How do I schedule a private Alexander lesson?

Email or call, and we’ll find a mutually convenient time and location.

(917) 709-4648

Group lessons