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It is December 11th, 2016 at 6:10PM, so I don’t know when it is now. But Trump is the President-elect, and from where we now stand, especially in here in NYC, things look challenging. Daunting. Great. Hopeful. Horrifying. It depends on your viewpoint. Millions of people are no doubt in shock while others are joyful.

Some people are so fearful, they’re physically sick, from head to toes. It’s affecting peoples’ necks, backs, heads, stomachs, moods, attitudes, stress levels, blood pressure, and relationships.


People are experiencing fear.

People are experiencing anger.

People are feeling dread.

People are feeling jubilation.

People are feeling nothing.

Three pillars of the Alexander Technique are awareness, inhibition, and direction. Can we apply those concepts to this situation? If you know some Alexander Technique, you probably already have.


In an instant you can step outside yourself and become an observer of your thoughts, thought patterns, and the physical responses that follow. Let yourself become aware of your habitual physical postures, or your newly forming trumped-up ones, and the mental responses that follow. The mind/body connection is bi-directional.

Notice your breathing. See if you’re tensing your neck. Breathe fully, slightly smile, let go of your neck muscles so that your head can move up.

Remember: Awareness alone can be self-correcting.


If you pause, or inhibit before proceeding, you’ll choose not to default into your well-worn or post-election-newly-forming rut. Inhibiting, or creating a gap, helps you have more control over your responses.

Our new President is a model of someone who does not inhibit. Google “react” and you’ll see his picture. He rarely responds thoughtfully; he just reacts. Criticize him and he fires back immediately.

Directions, Plans, Goals

The Alexander Technique is about choice. Here are a few choices, or directions, in no particular order:

Do nothing and tune out politics completely.

Do nothing because things will probably be fine.

Do nothing because he will make America great again.

Do nothing because you can’t really change anything.


Take care of your internal world before trying to change the external world.

Wait and see and take action if needed.

Relax, knowing you’re not alone–millions of your fellow citizens feel as you do.

Get involved with organizations involved with helping and protecting people trump and his administration are threatening.

Get involved and support organizations that will oppose him.

Express yourself by writing, singing, playing, or painting, giving voice to your feelings.

Think up, and don’t let him bring you down.


Resist him on every level possible starting now.

Do a few whispered ahs, let a slightly determined smile happen even if it’s a smirk, dig in, brace yourself without tightening your neck and get ready to fight this unhinged, menacing, violent, ignorant, would-be dictator punk and his soulless gang, looking forward and up to the day he and his brand and his tan and his klan slither away, heads down, in disgrace.

And we will rise.

Mark Josefsberg–Alexander Technique NYC

(917) 709-4648

Image courtesy of“Globe And Stethoscope” by renjith krishnan