Alexander Technique AwarenessThe Alexander Technique has three main pillars: Awareness, Inhibition, and Direction (AID)


Leave a gap-don’t react.

Listen for the space between the notes.


Alexander Technique directions are unique instructions guiding you towards what you need to do or undo. These verbal cues are known to Alexander teachers and students, and they are potentially life-changing.


Alexander Technique awareness includes observing, noticing, hearing, thinking, and feeling. It is the act of waking up and finding out; acceptance without judgment.

Since awareness is listening, we’ll want to turn down the noise. Since awareness involves observing, we’ll want the soften, widen, and open our focus. Attention without concentration.

We observe through our individual screens; through our filters. A photographer looking through a scratched lens will see a distorted view. Awareness includes being aware of what we’re seeing through our lens, as well as being aware of the lens itself.

Awareness requires self-knowledge.

Awareness involves knowing your self. You want to get to know not only your habits, but the way you think about your habits. Awareness involves getting to know your conditioning, tendencies, desires, and goals.

Now take two seconds to:



Free your neck so your head moves up and…


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