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Alexander Technique In The Kitchen

At our recent Alexander Technique lesson, one of my Alexander Technique students told me she noticed how much extra effort she was using while chopping vegetables. Under normal circumstances we are not angry at vegetables. Next time you’re cutting something, take a moment and pause. Notice the grip you are using while holding the knife. If you are gripping more than necessary...

Alexander Technique And The Dentist

I had an unusual teaching day last week as three of my Alexander Technique students told me they were going to the dentist. I don’t mean they were all going to the dentist together, but separately, and coincidentally. Since two of the three are dealing with neck pain, and the third with shoulder pain, we discussed how the Alexander Technique could help them during their visit. We first spoke about the stress...

What Is The Alexander Technique?

  What is the Alexander Technique? The Alexander Technique is difficult to categorize or define, partly  because it helps people in diverse ways. However, most people seek Alexander Technique lessons for three main reasons: 1. They want to improve their posture. 2. They want neck and back pain relief. 3. They want to have better [...]

Alexander Technique And Skype

People have long-benefitted from by reading Alexander Technique books and watching videos, but Skype is more helpful than any self-study method....

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