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Musicians: The Alexander Technique came about cause a guy wanted to keep on gigging.

The Alexander Technique is useful for everyone but especially valuable for musicians. If you slump in front of you computer, you may 'just' cause yourself discomfort, pain or worse. If you slump at your instrument, whether sitting or standing, you may be causing additional difficulties. When slumping we may not be getting the best sound vocally or instrumentally. The combination of our misuse plus the demands of...

Use The Alexander Technique Shortcuts

There are so many Alexander Technique directions, or verbal cues, it would be impossible to list them all. In fact, many of them have yet to be formulated, because Alexander Technique teachers will think of them in the moment, for situations as they arise. Directions may be universal such as: 'let your neck be free', [...]

The Alexander Technique Connection

I was recently reading two books, and coincidentally they both referenced asthmatic attacks---with differing approaches for relief. The first book was “Explaining the Alexander Technique—The writings of F. Mathias Alexander—In conversation with Walter Carrington and Sean Carey. The second book was “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. In the Alexander Technique book Walter Carrington states: [...]

Alexander Technique, yoga floor, therapist’s couch.

The Alexander Technique and the floor.   One of my students, who I'll call Ellen, has suffered with post traumatic stress disorder most of her life. Many modalities have helped her, but she hadn't come across the Alexander Technique until recently. She now realizes that, for her, it was a missing link. Everything else she's done [...]

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