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Alexander Technique Correct Posture

"A correct position or posture indicates a fixed position, and a person held to a fixed position cannot grow, as we understand growth. The correct position today cannot be the correct position a week later for any person who is advancing in the work of reeducation and coordination. F.M. Alexander- Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual During Alexander Technique lessons, people frequently sit up straight or move their head around and ask: is this right?" I answer differently in different situations, but the real answer might be: No. I don't say that because the...

Alexander Technique teachers bait-n-switch

Here is an example of Alexander Technique's reversed bait-n-switch. The bait: Improve Your Posture Now! The switch: Acquire Tools for Efficient Use of Your Mind/Body That Will Last a Lifetime. The value has increased, but the price remains the same. Plus, Alexander Technique students get to keep the bait, which is their improved posture. They get to keep the bait, the rod, the reel, the hook, the line, the sinker, the fish, and the boat...

Alexander's Golf Balls

A professor began his philosophy class by filling a large empty glass jar with golf balls. When asked, the students agreed that the jar was full. He then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. The pebbles rolled into the space between the golf balls. Once more the professor asked [...]

The Alexander Technique-fast as lightning

Alexander Technique-an instantaneous, life-long study.   The Alexander Technique can be a life-long learning, but once you know just a little, it works in an instant. You call on the Alexander Technique anytime, night or day. No other modality is quicker, because the AT is as quick as a thought; fast as lightning. You don't [...]

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