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Alexander Technique News! Featured On NPR

"We look at what you are doing that causes that problem in the first place, so how you sit at the computer or how you pick up you child or what you do when you're driving," says Gray. "I look at ways of changing your postural habits so you don't get into pain." These aren't static postures, though. Those who promote the technique say its more about how you move...

Meditation Posture—Alexander Technique

When speaking of awareness, in Alexander Technique terms, we commonly speak about the body side of the mind/body continuum. Your body is most available for observation and change. And, the body tells the truth. Meditators often begin their session by becoming aware of their breathing, body tension, and meditation posture. The Alexander Technique helps all three. [...]

The Alexander Technique is dead—Long live the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique will never die. The Alexander Technique never lived. F.M. Alexander (the originator of the Alexander Technique,) lived from 1869-1955. Alexander’s discoveries regarding awareness, inhibition, and direction are alive and are as valuable today as they were in the late 19th century. Now, about 135 years later, when you tell someone you teach [...]

Alexander Technique teachers, students, trainees, and masters.

What is the difference between an Alexander Technique student, an Alexander Technique trainee, an Alexander Technique teacher, and a Master Alexander Technique teacher?   Alexander Technique students   Generally, potential Alexander Technique students seek out teachers to solve a particular problem. Commonly, these problems include poor posture, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. But [...]

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