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Alexander Technique Books

Here are a few of my favorite Alexander Technique related books, in no particular order:

Alexander Technique Posture Exercises

Is the Alexander Technique a 'series of posture exercises?' Yes! And no. What might be implied with the word 'series' is that there are exercises one does in a certain order, and they're the same for everybody... however, exercise doesn't always mean working out or lifting weights...One of the big difference between many of these Alexander Tech posture exercises and what we might usually think of as exercise is that that you don't have to spend any extra time 'doing' the Alexander Technique. You incorporate...

Learning the Alexander Technique Oppositions

A useful component in learning the Alexander Technique is the idea of oppositions. A few Alexander Technique oppositions include: head and torso opposing each other, arms and torso, legs and torso, sit bones down; torso and head up, shoulders opposing each other and more... We probably aren't going to learn the Alexander Technique purely through observation but being aware combined with lessons...

Oprah and Alexander Technique

  Oprah Story Sparks Interest in Alexander Technique for Back Pain Relief This article appeared in Oprah Magazine. It's a nagging health problem that affects nearly every adult in Western society at least once in his or her lifetime. It ranks near the top as the primary reason people see their doctors, according to the [...]

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