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Alexander Technique Lessons. #2 Head Forward and Up

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and this is your own self." Aldous Huxley, author, philosopher, Alexander student  Allow my head to move forward and up. But before we talk about the head, let's talk about the butt; more specifically, the sit bones. The sit bones are [...]

Beginning Alexander Technique

So, if you're tensing your neck, not only will it bring your head back and down, but it will shorten and narrow your torso, giving you a sunken, round-shouldered look. You can try it yourself to see, or maybe you're trying it right now as you collapse towards the computer screen. Don't worry...

Benefits and Uses of the Alexander Technique

Here is a post containing a few uses and benefits of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique has approximately 64,326 uses, and 74,968 benefits, running the gamut from a to z. Here are a few random words and ideas in no particular order, with an Alexander Technique connection. abs- There's a very popular idea that it is important to have a firm, strong, 'core'. Pilates and other exercises help, and so can the Alexander Technique. When you apply the principles, you will be more effortlessly upright. The deep postural muscles...

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