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Alexander Technique Help

  Although the Alexander Technique is concerned with the use of the self, (the title of one of F.M. Alexander’s books), if there are props around why not use them to help you? Firstly, you can have people help you with the Alexander Technique by taking lessons, reading books, and subscribing to newsletters. If you [...]

The Alexander Technique And Ergonomics

When a company hires ergonomic specialists, at great expense, they will come into your workplace and make some observations. They will determine whether the furniture is ergonomically sound, and set up properly. For example, they may say that the chairs’ backs are at too great an angle, which they say will cause back pain. They [...]

Looking Up With The Alexander Technique

Looking Up With The Alexander Technique Do you ever notice what you're  looking at when you're walking? You might notice that your gaze is down, perhaps five or six feet in front of you. Note your thought patterns when you are looking down at this steep angle. Maybe you'll notice that you’re worrying about something, [...]

The Alexander Technique And Sitting Down To Write

...either way, the Alexander Technique deals with sitting comfortably. Writing provides us with yet another way to use the Alexander Technique and become aware of our habits. Since most of our writing is done seated, we want to learn to be as easeful as possible in this position, since we often we sit for hours a day. The first thing we might examine is how much tension we have while seated. Are we overly tensed?...

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