Monthly Archives: February 2005


The Alexander Technique And Meditation

The Alexander Technique and meditation can be beautifully interwoven. The Alexander Technique and meditation are made for each other. Since the Alexander Technique is known as a 'pre-technique', using it before meditating, or just as you initiate meditation, can enhance your meditation practice. The Alexander Technique helps shorten the time it takes to...

Alexander Technique for Back Pain, The Alexander Technique for Neck Pain.

The Alexander Technique helps reduce pain, and I know this from personal experience. The Alexander Technique got me out of the severe neck pain I was in, and now I see the same results over and over as I teach Alexander Technique lessons in NYC to people suffering from back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hand pain. We don't realize that we're causing our own pain by the way we use our bodies (poor posture, added stress). The good news is that the Alexander Technique shows us a way out from this pain. It puts us back in control...

Bad Posture

There have probably been 5000 articles written with the title ‘Your Mother Was Right’, when it comes to posture. The articles imply that mothers tell their children to ‘sit up straight!’ and that’s a good thing...or is it?

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